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da Vinci Learning Center

Presentations and Professional Development

I can speak on many different topics for many different audiences, in both in-person and online formats -- this is just a selection of my most popular presentations. Contact me to discuss your group?s specific interests and needs.

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  • Myths and Realities about Giftedness
  • Social-Emotional Needs of Gifted Children
  • The Cheetah on the Couch: Therapy with the Gifted Client
  • Dialogue With the Ideal: Understanding, Coping With, and Harnessing Perfectionism
  • The Motivational ARC (motivation, giftedness, and multiple exceptionality)
  • Addressing the Academic Needs of Gifted Students, Without Losing Your Mind or Busting Your Budget
  • Teaching Cheetahs to Hunt: Practical Advice for Teaching Executive Functioning and Academic Skills for Gifted and Twice-Exceptional Kids
  • Executive Functioning at Home and School
  • Owner?s Guide to Your Brain (executive functioning for kids)
  • The School and Home as Extended Family
  • Living Opera: Gifted Family Dynamics
  • Introduction to Cognitive and Academic Assessment
  • Statistical Literacy: Where Do the Scores Come From and What Do They Mean?
  • Help! My 6-Year-Old Can?t Read! Should I Panic? (cognitive underpinnings of reading and how to recognize early signs of dyslexia)

  Serving the unique educational needs of the highly gifted and the learning disabled