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I offer a wide variety of services; the specifics of what I do and how I do it are matched to your individual needs. Often, those needs evolve over time. Please contact me, and I will be happy to help you figure out what makes the most sense in your situation, and whether we think itís a good match.

In general, the types of things I do include:

Direct service: I work with clients directly, helping them learn things they are interested in, tackle the things they struggle with, and gain a better understanding of themselves as human beings and the social context they live in. I work with individuals, couples, or families, as appropriate. My goal is for every person to have many different options, to be able to follow their passions, and to become the captain of their own team. I do this through a flexible combination of:

  • psychotherapy
  • mentoring / enrichment
  • remediation
  • study skills / homework coaching
  • curriculum development / homeschool and afterschool support

Assessment: Through formal and informal assessment, I help people understand a client's individual psychological and learning profile. I go beyond the scores to provide an in-depth and integrated analysis of what is currently working well, what isn't working so well, why that is happening, and what we can do about it. I write in language that parents and teachers can understand. As appropriate, I will also talk to children directly, to help them understand more about themselves and how they can act on their own behalf. I make concrete and specific recommendations, which can be easily applied in the classroom or at home, so that you will have a clearer sense of how to move forward. Reports are tailored to specific audiences as appropriate (e.g., college disability offices).

As much as possible, I use a therapeutic assessment frame. That is, rather than taking the position of the guru on the mountain who has all the answers, I work collaboratively with clients. We use your expertise about yourself and your own experience, and my expertise with using assessments to evoke interpretable and interesting behavior; we collaborate on the process of making meaning.

For more about the assessment process and to find out whether I am the right person to answer your questions, click here. My comprehensive approach to assessment can include:

  • psychological assessment
  • cognitive and neuropsychological assessment (including IQ testing)
  • academic assessment and learning disability diagnostics
  • examination of work samples
  • examination of previous assessment reports
  • in-depth history
  • clinical interview

Consultation: Even if you do not need formal assessment, or if assessments have already been done, I can help you constructively think through the complex information you have in hand, or to guide you through the process of gaining more information. I can also help you problem-solve cooperatively with teachers and administrators. My goal is to help you make good decisions about what is best for you and your family. Services in this realm include:

  • consultation / file review
  • advice on school choice, afterschooling, and homeschooling options
  • consultation to parent-educator meetings, including IEP teams
  • family educational planning
  • teaching you methods to teach your child more effectively
  • helping schools and districts figure out complicated kids
  • helping schools and districts set up economical and practical programming for gifted and twice-exceptional children

Speaking: I also help people develop a deeper understanding of how they can most effectively work with gifted, learning-disabled, and twice-exceptional learners. In person or online, I can present:

  • keynote speeches
  • professional development or continuing education
  • hands-on seminars or workshops
  • ongoing courses
  • ongoing mentoring and coaching


  • parents
  • teachers
  • administrators
  • kids

I am happy to customize a presentation to your or your group's specific needs. For some examples of topics I can address, click here.

  Serving the unique educational needs of the highly gifted and the learning disabled